5 Times Tori Kelly's Voice Hit us Right in the Feels

The line up for SunFest 2017 covers a wide array of genres from reggae, to rock and everything in between. But, one artist we feel that everyone will enjoy is the incredibly talented Tori Kelly.

What sets Tori a part from the eclectic line-up, you ask? She has the ability to take a song from any genre, and make it her own with her hauntingly pristine vocals. 

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

In the animated movie SING, Tori along with power vocalist and American Idol winner, Jennifer Hudson, perform a rendition of the song, originally sang by Leonard Cohen, that brings a sense of innocence to the beloved ballad.

The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli

Tori Kelly accompanied the legendary Andrea Bocelli on stage in Seattle for a duet of one his songs, 'The Prayer'. It takes a certain kind of voice to genuinely move the audience and make them feel, which is something Andrea is known for. But, combining his voice with Tori's captivating vocal abilities could bring one to tears.

One of our favorite thing about Tori's performances is how lost she gets in the music, but still has the ability to be so present with her vocals. 

Colors of the Wind from Disney's Pocahontas

This is a song all 90's kids will recognize, but you've never heard it like this before. Just take a listen:

Suit & Tie by Justin Timerblake

Did I mention this girl can SANG?!

Justin hits some pretty high notes in this one, we only know this from trying to reach them ourselves during jam sessions. But they're no match for Miss Kelly! Not only does she hit the notes, but she SURPASSES them!

Dear No One/No One - Tori Kelly and Alicia Keys mashup

Being able to perfectly arrange a mash up one of your own songs with another song written and performed by someone else is truly remarkable. 

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