On The Job Listener Lunch - West Palm Beach VA Medical Center

On The Job Listener Lunch Video

Today (March 2, 2018), we dropped off some delicious food for some of the staff at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center!

Bob the veteran entered the contest because he wanted to treat the staff that has been treating him so well over the years.  "I'm a very fortunate person," he said.  "I have these people here to help me and I have a great doctor."  "I'm thankful I won the prize and I'm glad to give it to the people here at the VA because they definitely need it." he continued. 

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center does an amazing job taking care of our veterans and we were so happy to bring them some BBQ from Pig-Sty in Boynton Beach.  These wonderful people work long hours to make sure their patients are well taken care of and they deserve to be treated to lunch!

Thank you, Bob, for your service and thank you staff of VA Medical Center for all you do! 

Are you looking for a little extra boost on your jobsite?  Click below to enter to win food for you and 24 of your co-workers from Pig-Sty BBQ!  We will even deliver the food right to your jobsite!  Thanks for listening to GATER 98.7! 

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