Guy Blasts 1,800 Feet Into The Air In Homemade Rocket

Over the weekend, a 61-year-old daredevil named "Mad" Mike Hughes climbed into a homemade rocket and blasted himself 1,875 feet into the air. 

Funny fact about "Mad" Mike... he still believes the Earth is flat.  His steam-powered rocket even has the words "FLAT EARTH" on it.  

The rocket was able to hit a top speed of 350 mph before he deployed 2 parachutes and floated back to Earth safely. 

"Mad" Mike walked away a little banged up but happy to be alive.  According to him, the rocket "wants to kill you 10 different ways."

How did he celebrate this death-defying feat?  Well... he went home to have a quiet dinner with his cats.  

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