Sunfest Battle Of The Bands

Last night was our annual Sunfest Battle Of The Bands where 5 local bands competed for that coveted final spot on the Sunfest lineup! I was your host for the night and I just wanted to thank all the artists and fans who came out for a great night of music! 

We kicked things off with Rogue Theory Band who played their hearts out with their unique style of Rock N' Roll. Front man of Rogue Theory, Harry "HD" not only is the lead singer, but rocks out with his electric violin!

The second band on the lineup was alternative rock group, Static Momentum. Static is a band true to their roots of West Palm Beach as seen from the name of their current EP, "Crash On Clematis". The boys were hoping to play on Clematis this May during Sunfest. 

Then after we were given another very different spin on rock music with The Rough Drafts. The Rough Drafts were eager to take the stage and give Downtown West Palm Beach their Hip-Hop, Reggae infused Rock music. This band is made up of 9 members promising that you'll never see a dull moment during their set!

As the night grew on, we were down to our final two bands. 

I have to say when AfterMidNite took the stage, the party was here! This band had a look, sound, and style we had never seen before! You could truly see that they were having fun up there and in turn the crowd was having fun! Although, they didn't win, this local "drop pop" rock band is sure to make a name for themselves in South Florida! 

and last, but certainly not least, our BIG WINNERS of the night closed out the show. Congratulations to Big Sounds Better on an incredible performance and on winning the spot on the 2018 Sunfest Lineup! 

We want to thank everyone who helped make this night a success including Absolut Vodka, Coors Light, and Capital One! We'll see you all this May on the Waterfront! 

Gater 98.7 at Sunfest Battle of the Bands  - Thumbnail Image

Gater 98.7 at Sunfest Battle of the Bands

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