Stolen Colon Found In Vacant Home, Kansas City Police Say

The University of Kansas Cancer Center's giant inflatable colon used to educate the public on colon cancer was stolen on October 18 and has since been found with the help of the hashtag #stolencolon.

The Cancer Coalition can once again "Get its Rear In Gear" after a giant inflatable colon, used for education, was recovered. The colon, used to teach about the dangers of colon cancer, was swiped from a pickup truck in Brookside earlier this month. The inflatable, which is valued around $4,000, is owned by the Cancer Coalition, which hosts walk/run events under a campaign called “Get Your Rear In Gear.”

The coalition ships the inflatable colon across the country for walkers and runners to see and learn about the progression of colon cancer in a unique way. It was on its way to the annual Sisters Living Beyond Breast Cancer 5K Relay Walk in Swope Park when it was stolen.

Kansas City police said Monday that the pilfered intestine had been located in a vacant house in the 7100 block of Virginia, thanks to a tip. Oh, what a relief it is. The investigation into this incident continues. So far no arrests have been made - the colon-caper remains at large.  

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