DUI Suspect Performs Backflip During Sobriety Test

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Photo: Getty Images

An Ohio man suspected of drunk driving attempted to prove his sobriety by performing a backflip for a police officer. The impromptu gymnastics occurred after Broadview Heights resident Tanner Watson, 27, was stopped for speeding. After the officer caught a whiff of alcohol on Watson's breath, Watson told him he'd had only a few beers -- but the cop suspected he wasn't being honest. "Your driving’s pretty bad, your eyes are super glossy," the officer can be heard saying in a video of the incident. "I can smell booze coming from you, so I want to run some sobriety tests on you." When the officer asks the suspect to walk a straight line, Watson goes one step further -- and performs a standing backflip, the video shows. However, the officer doesn't appear to be impressed. After arguing with Watson for a few minutes, the cop finally says, "All right, turn around and place your hands behind your back, OK?" He's now facing DUI and speeding charges.

What have you tried doing to get out of trouble with the law? Did it work?

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