Florida Man Lost At Sea Off Coast Of Florida Rescued By Family

Lost at sea

Photo: Getty Images

A 22-year-old Florida man, who was out drift diving with some friends off the coast of Key West, was carried out by the Rip Current and lost at see for over 2 hours before he was rescued by his very own family 7 miles off the coast!

Dylan Gartenmayer said “The current ended up taking me faster and faster from them, and it got to the point where the boat just disappeared,. At that point, I realized things were starting to get serious.” 

The sun started to set. Gartenmayer said he saw sea turtles and reef sharks within the 10 feet of visibility he could manage. He was cold, and started to shiver. He ended up finding a piece of bamboo to cling onto. He swam, and was smart enough to tie two white mooring balls to himself to keep him afloat.

Check out his rescue here.

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