Scientists Are Reincarnating The Woolly Mammoth To Return In 4 Years

Woolly mammoth, illustration

Photo: Getty Images

Scientists Ready To Bring Back Woolly Mammoth In 4 Years

If you missed woolly mammoths the first time they roamed Earth, don't worry -- they'll be back soon. A Dallas biotech company has plans to reincarnate the ancient animal by 2027. After attempting to edit the woolly mammoth's genes since 2021, officials at Colossal say they're close to bringing back the species. Once they do, scientists plan on reintroducing the creatures to the same ecosystem they once thrived in -- which officials hope will make a beneficial impact on Earth's ecosystem. “In the minds of many, this creature is gone forever,” reads a statement issued by Colossal. "But not in the minds of our scientists, nor the labs of our company. We’re already in the process of the de-extinction of the woolly mammoth. Our teams have collected viable DNA samples and are editing the genes that will allow this wonderful megafauna to once again thunder through the Arctic."

What bad things could result from this?

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