Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings, Claims 'Wings' Are Actually Chicken Nuggets

Buffalo Wild Wings

Photo: Getty Images

A Chicago man has filed a class action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings, accusing the chain of deceptive advertising practices. In a complaint filed fired in U.S. District Court, Aimen Halim claims the buffalo wings sold by the restaurant aren't wings at all; they're actually made of processed wing meat, making them chicken nuggets. He claims to have suffered "financial injury" due to the restaurant's "false and deceptive conduct." Halim's suit goes on to point out that while other restaurants sell similar products, they don't refer to them as "buffalo wings." Papa John's calls them "Chicken Poppers" while Domino's calls they "Boneless Chicken," according to the lawsuit. Buffalo Wild Wings officials have not yet responded to the suit. How could this man suffer "financial injury" over falsely advertised buffalo wings? 

Here is Buffalo Wild Wings' response

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