Police Captain Gets Pulled Over For DUI Asks Cop To Turn Off Body Cam

A man driving a car with a bottle of beer

Photo: Getty Images

Watch: A 55-year-old police captain James French from Oklahoma City was caught on camera begging to get a police officer to turn off his body cam because he had a little (or a lot) to much to drink!

 Sergeant Skinner said he witnessed James French's car weaving at a high rate and that is what initiated the traffic stop. French said he had been at a poker game, and is begging for Sergeant Skinner to turn off his body cam. Well, Skinner was not having any of it!! It doesn't matter who you are! If you break the law you are getting arrested! He spent the night in jail, bonded out, and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. He's been employed by the department for 32 years.

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