Scammers Are Using AI 'Voice Cloning' To Trick Victims

Suspected spam call from an unknown caller shown a smartphone display screen against illuminated light background

Photo: Getty Images

We've all heard about the so-called 'family emergency' scam - you get a call from someone claiming to be a niece or nephew that needs you send money quickly. But now this classic scam has a new wrinkle - AI-powered 'voice cloning' lets scammers impersonate the actual family member's voice.

The FTC says scammers can make a convincing-sounding call from just a short sound clip of someone's voice, found online through social media or YouTube. They recommend taking extra steps to verify the story - check the phone number, call the person directly, or confirm with other family members. Known scams can be reported at

Have you ever gotten one of these scam calls? What are some tricks you use to sniff them out?

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