Passengers Banned from Carnival Cruise for Life for Fishing from Balcony

Cruise ships in Port of Miami

Photo: photosvit / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Carnival Cruise Line recently announced that two passengers have been permanently banned for life following an incident where they were caught fishing from the balcony of their room.

According to Carnival, fishing from any of the cruise line’s ships is strictly prohibited.

A spokesperson from the Cruise Line confirmed the passengers had been identified thanks to a viral video circulating online and have since been permanently banned from sailing with the company.

Their names have not been released.

On TikTok, the video shows the passengers fishing from their balcony and pulling a greenish-yellow fish measuring about one foot in length out of the water.

It's unclear which of the ships the incident took place on, it looks to have been docked at the time of the incident.

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