WATCH: 93-Year-Old Woman Gets in on the "Dating Wrapped" TikTok Trend

Close up portrait of happy grandma taking a selfie on vacation of two hands, isolated on yellow background

Photo: Deagreez / iStock / Getty Images

Someone come get your grandma...and then bring her to me so we can hang out, because this granny is hilarious!

There's a 93-year-old woman on TikTok that jumped in on the viral "Dating Wrapped" trend.

In case you haven't heard of it, it's where people do a total wrap on all the dates they've had in 2023.

@Grandma_Droniak does a great job of trolling all the Gen Zers who did it last month with her entertaining tales of senior dating life.

She captoined the now-viral video "heres my 2023 dating wrapped. thanks for all the support this year."

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