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Florida Man Captures Up-Close Video Of Hammerhead Shark In Martin County

A Martin County man captured some video of a great hammerhead shark near Boy Scout Island on Saturday.

Jeff Byron was paddleboarding when he saw what looked like two dolphins trapped in the Intracoastal Waterway and decided to paddle towards it.

Once he got closer, he realized it was a great hammerhead shark but that didn't stop him from paddling closer.

According to Byron, the shark was about 14-feet long. He was within 3-feet of the shark and the water was only 2-feet deep.

"Once it turned towards me, then I was more looking at it and not on my phone because I was concerned for sure, and I didn't take my eyes off it," said Byron. "I've seen plenty of sharks out there and some larger ones too, but they didn't turn away, so I wasn't overly worried, but it was certainly a giant."

Byron was able to lead the great hammerhead shark out of the channel. He also doesn't regret paddling up close to it. He is calling it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

WARNING: Some Explicit Language

Photo: Getty Images

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