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Teen Wakes From 11-Month Coma, Unaware Of COVID-19 Pandemic

A teenager has recently woken up from an 11-month coma with no knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back on March 1, 2020, Joseph Flavill was walking near his home in Tutbury, Staffordshire, when he was hit by a car. That was three weeks before Britain's first national lockdown.

That means the 19-year-old student has spent nearly 11-months in a coma completely oblivious to the impact the Coronavirus has had on the planet.

Luckily, he is starting to show signs of recovery, communicating through blinks and smiles. Plus, he is moving his limbs on cue.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, his family hasn't been able to visit him in the hospital.

According to his Aunt Sally Flavill-Smith, "It's the best we have seen him recently. It might seem like little progress but the fact he can give the nurse a high five is a really big step."

"We also don't know how much he understands as his accident was before the first lockdown and it's almost like he has slept through the whole pandemic," she said.

"It's hard as we know he is more alert, but how do you explain the pandemic to someone who has been in a coma?"

While in his coma, Flavill contracted COVID-19 and tested positive once again after waking.

Photo: Getty Images

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