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VIDEO: Drunk Passenger Headbutts Flight Attendant, Refuses To Wear Mask

A drunken traveler decided to headbutt a flight attendant after being told to wear a face mask.

According to reports, 24-year-old Daniel Hendry was flying from Tenerife to Manchester in the UK on January 29.

“F**k off! I’m going to punch you — going to smash your head in,” said Hendry before striking a male flight attendant.

A fellow passenger filmed the initial altercation with Hendry, as well as his arrest on the plane.

“At first the defendant refused to wear a face mask despite being repeatedly requested to do so,” prosecutor Janice Vallancee said.

“Staff also became concerned as he was quite clearly intoxicated and on the seat next to him was an open bottle of Smirnoff Vodka that was three-quarters consumed,” she said. “He was moved to the back of the plane but he continued to be drunk and confirmed he had consumed three-quarters of the bottle of vodka.”

Hendry pleaded guilty to boarding an aircraft while drunk, criminal damage, and assault.

Photo: Getty Images

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