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Real Or Fake: Couple Poses For Picture On Edge Of Cliff

Well, this is dangerous... or does it just appear dangerous?

A picture posted to Twitter showing a couple posing on the edge of a cliff has created quite the stir online.

The image shows a woman standing on the cliff's edge holding a man's hand. The man appears to be balancing in mid-air.

Since being posted, many people are sharing their thoughts on its authenticity. Some are praising the photographer, while others are trying to explain the way the picture was taken.

“Sensibility,” wrote a Twitter user. “Non-availability of time to photoshop,” commented another. Another individual said, “I don’t have photoshop skills.”

Ultimately, one Twitter user was able to set the record straight.

"This is the actual place, the angle of the photo makes it look like they are on very high cliff," the user said and shared a photo.

What are your thoughts on the picture?

Photo: Getty Images

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