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VIDEO: Children Filmed Possibly Talking To Ghost

A baby monitor captured a spooky piece of footage at a house in Georgia.

The video (below), shows a set of triplets possibly talking to a ghost on a blank wall. The scene happened late last month in the home of Caitlin Nichols.

Nichols became concerned when she heard her three two-year-old daughters making some noise in their bedroom. She checked the baby monitor and saw the children seemingly talking to someone.

The captivated kids can be seen pointing at the wall near one of their beds as if there was something there.

During the fairly long 'conversation,' one of the youngsters waves her fist at the unseen visitor and bellows "in your face."

At one point, the triplets even cower behind a corner in what appears to be an attempt to hide from whatever it is that had come into their room.

Nichols indicated that this is not the first time that her daughters have claimed to be visited in their bedroom.

Photo: YouTube

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