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Doorbell Camera Shows Moment Plane Debris Crashed Onto Street

A Nest doorbell camera captured the moment debris from a United Airlines plane crashed onto a street in Colorado.

In the Twitter video, a large chunk of debris can be seen slamming to the ground on a neighborhood street, amazingly missing a parked car.

Seconds later, another piece of debris crashes off-camera but the loud noise can be heard.

Luckily, the street was clear at the time and no one was injured. According to residents, it sounded like they were in a warzone.

One neighbor, Lonnie Kermoade, said, "It could have been real tragic. Fortunately, God was looking over everyone."

This weekend, a United Airlines flight from Denver to Hawaii was forced to return to the airport just 30 minutes after setting off after the plane’s starboard engine burst into flames.

Luckily, the aircraft was able to make an emergency landing and no one was harmed. There were more than 200 passengers on the flight.

You can hear the passengers start clapping when the plane safely touched down.

Photo: Getty Images

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