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Porch Pirate Gets Caught Red-Handed, Gets Stuck In Snow During His Escape

Talk about a solid dose of instant karma for this porch pirate.

A Canadian porch pirate was caught red-handed attempting to steal a package and didn't make it very far when his getaway vehicle got stuck in a pile of snow.

The video shows the homeowner waiting for the perfect moment to open the front door in Mississauga, Ontario.

"It's done. You're done," the homeowner shouts.

The porch pirate runs down the driveway into his car. As he backs out the driveway, his vehicle drives over a snowbank and gets stuck.

The would-be robber jumps out of the car and tries to dig it free. "Cops is coming," the homeowner shouts after him.

The police eventually arrive on the scene and arrest the porch pirate.

Photo: Getty Images

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