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Company Creates Self-Cleaning Underwear, Can Be Worn For Months

If you're someone who likes to wear the same underwear day after day, then here is the news you've been waiting for.

A company in Minnesota has actually created "self-cleaning underwear" that, according to the company, can be worn for days, weeks, or even months without changing.

Made with a blend of bamboo, eucalyptus, beechwood, and copper fibers, the underwear is able to kill smell-causing bacteria and clean itself over time.

The underwear even offers temperature regulation, keeping you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool.

The manufacturer only recommends letting the underwear air out a few hours before putting them on again.

"You can travel the world with one pair of underwear," according to the YouTube video (below). "No more stink, no more smells, no more worries."

The creator came up with this genius idea after traveling to Iceland and not packing enough underwear.

What about, you know, skid marks?

Photo: Getty Images

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