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Florida Man Vandalized ATM Over Transaction Fees In Port St. Lucie

A man caught on camera kicking and vandalizing an ATM in Port St. Lucie told police he did it out of anger over fees.

The vandalism happened on New Year's Day at a machine outside a Publix on SW Port St. Lucie Boulevard.

Police said the man kicked the machine after it showed zero balance. Police shared images of the incident and details about the man's car, a black-colored Nissan, with the hope that someone would recognize the man or his vehicle.

Detectives traced bank records to Bradley Howard, 56, of Port St. Lucie. He had a black Nissan parked in the driveway.

Howard told detectives he kicked the machine because the ATM charged him money for an attempted withdrawal. He also said he had no idea the ATM would charge him just to check his balance.

Police arrested Howard on a charge of criminal mischief over $1,000.

The vandalism caused a little over $1,300 in damage. Howard told police he'd pay for the damage.

Photo: Port St. Lucie Police

Source: CBS12

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