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VIDEO: Odd UFO Sighting Over Kansas

Last Thursday, hundreds of Wichita residents were shocked by an unidentified object that appeared in the sky.

Several observers managed to capture video footage of the oddity and shared them on social media.

"We see airplanes all the time. We're near the airport," one witness said. "It was definitely different."

A local TV station even took to the sky in a small plane to get a better vantage point. However, by the time they took to the sky, the object was long gone.

While some speculate it was a UFO, others suggest they were seeing the NASA aircraft known as the 'Super Guppy,' which just so happened to be in Wichita at the time.

Another possible theory is the object was a banner advertisement for the fast-food chain Arby's.

What do you think? Are we alone?

Photo: YouTube

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