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Elderly Woman Confronts Guy With One Leg For Parking In Disabled Spot

A man with one leg was sitting in his car in a McDonald's parking lot when an elderly woman approached him and questioned his disability badge.

The man took his frustration to TikTok with a couple of videos ranting about the situation before actually confronting the woman.

In the first video, the man explains to his followers that he has a disability card because of his fake leg. Obviously, you can't see his disability while he's sitting in the car.

The woman approached his vehicle, knock on the window, and demanded to know whether the badge was his.

"It’s not your business if we have this card, it’s not your business. You are not the disability police. Even if someone doesn’t look old, or doesn’t 'look disabled enough,' if they have [a badge], you shut your mouth and you walk away," he shouted.

The TikToker then decided to film a follow-up video in which he approached the woman and showed her his fake leg.

At first, the woman tried to deny that she approached him but eventually admitted she wanted to know if he "desperately" needed the badge. She also argued that she "had a right" to ask about his disability.

The man filming told her she didn't have the right to ask that question.

"If the card is there, you don’t need to worry about it. There’s a reason why we have the card… so you don’t assume that someone isn’t disabled enough. Don’t ever do that again," he said.

Hopefully, this lady will think twice before approaching anyone in a disabled parking spot again.

Photo: Getty Images

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