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Baby Monitor Captures Photograph Of Eerie Figure

A creepy image that's going viral shows an eerie figure lurking over the bed of a child and the grandmother thinks it's some kind of sinister entity.

The grandmother, who wants to remain anonymous, share the photo with a Facebook group devoted to the paranormal last week.

According to her, the weirdness began when she noticed her two-year-old granddaughter talking to an unseen 'person' on a fairly frequent basis.

One night, she even heard the little girl telling someone to go away. After that, the grandmother decided to set up a baby monitor in the girl's room.

The monitor captured an image of a figure of some kind lingering near her granddaughter's bed. The eerie figure seems to sport horns and claw-like hands.

According to the grandmother, no one was home at the time and the photo is not manipulated in any way.

The grandmother also claims there have been other paranormal activity in the home, including cabinets being opened on their own and voice is being heard.

The family attempted to cleanse the home by burning "nettle salt and Palo Santo," but this only seemed to agitate whatever was causing all of the commotions in the home.

The grandmother believes the figure is not necessarily evil but simply wants their attention.

Photo: Getty Images

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