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Customer Allegedly Burns Pizza Hut Worker By Throwing Pizza At Him

After allegedly throwing a pizza at a Pizza Hut employee, a customer demanded that her pizza be remade.

In the video posted on TikTok, portions of the woman's rant were captured and she can be seen verbally abusing the employee.

The worker tells the woman to get out of the store or he's “calling the cops.” That's when the woman started threatening to call his manager.

A short time later, the worker's manager appeared to get involved, telling the woman “to step back.”

The female customer then demanded her pizza be “remade now,” stomping her foot for emphasis. She also accused the worker of calling her names and “trying to throw a pizza at” her.

The employee can be heard in the background saying “I have burn marks.”

The video ends showing the woman on the phone, possibly trying to call the Pizza Hut corporate office.

It is unclear how or why the altercation started since there are various skips throughout the video.

WARNING: Video Contains Bad Language

Photo: Getty Images

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