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Octopus Attacks Man's Neck While Swimming

An octopus attacked a man while he was swimming at a beach in Western Australia.

Lance Karlson was walking with his two-year-old daughter along the beach Geographe Bay in Dunsborough.

All of a sudden, they saw the tentacles of an octopus whip out of the water at a seagull.

Curious at the sight, Karlson pulled out his phone and started filming. The octopus started swimming towards him, lashed its tentacles at them before retreating.

Later, Karlson went swimming and found the octopus sitting on a bed of shells.

As he was looking at the shells, the octopus attacked him, striking him on the arm and connecting to the back of his neck.

"My goggles were too fogged to see what had happened and I swam back to shore in pain," Karlson said. "The imprints of the tentacles quickly formed raised marks across my skin."

He left the water and quickly asked his wife to pour Coke over the wound.

"There was some stinging, but after being a lifesaver for some years I've been stung by bluebottles and it was not anything like that," Karlson said. "It was more the pain from the physical strike of the octopus."

After seeing the video on social media, octopus researchers are shocked to see this kind of unusual behavior.

Photo: Getty Images

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