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VIRAL VIDEO: UK Police Dog Turns, Bites Cop Who Is Attacking Protester

A video posted to social media showing a dog attacking an officer allegedly attacking a protester is going viral.

The video, posted on Saturday, claims the incident took place in Bristol, U.K., and identified the victim as a photographer.

In the video, you can see four officers confronting the victim, dragging him, and pushing him over a street divider. At one point, you can even see the victim with his head down and legs up as an officer pushes him down and hits him.

The photographer tries to pull away from them, but the officers continue to drag him around.

Suddenly, a police dog can be heard barking before jumping up and biting one of the officers. Another officer tries to hold the dog off, but it continues to spring forward towards the officer it had bit.

The dog provided a long enough distraction for the victim to free himself.

People on Twitter have been rejoicing the dog, with many saying the dog was doing what it was trained to do, attacking an aggressor.

Photo: Getty Images

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