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Dog Saves Owner's Life After She Had A Seizure During A Walk

A brave dog was able to save her owner's life by flagging down a passing car after she collapsed during a walk.

Haley Moore took her 1-year-old Maremma mix, Clover, out for a walk in her neighborhood in Canada when she had a seizure. 

A nearby neighbor's security camera captured the moment the owner fell to the ground and the dog's reaction to the serious situation.

In the video, Clover can be seen checking on Moore before unleashing herself and blocked the path of an oncoming truck, forcing the driver to get out.

"It was really impressive. The dog actually blocked my way. She kind of backed into the road to block my truck," the truck driver said.

Clover even ran home to inform Moore's family about the seizure.

Moore was treated in an ambulance by paramedics and recovered.

Clover was given a steak dinner treat as a thank you for her bravery. 

Photo: Getty Images

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