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Alligator Mating Season Is Back In Florida: What You Need To Know

Are you new to Florida? Or maybe you just need a quick refresher.

As the weather continues to warm up, be aware that alligator mating season is back.

During their mating season, which runs from April until as late as June, alligators become more active. They can be found sunning themselves, warming their body temperature.

These reptiles also become more aggressive. With that being said, here are some things you need to remember in case you encounter an alligator.

First, if there's a body of water nearby, it's possible there will be alligators, so keep yourself and your family at a safe distance.

Also, never feed a wild alligator. In fact, feeding them is illegal. Naturally, alligators will avoid people, however, feeding them teaches the gators to associate people with food.

Finally, always keep your pets on a leash in areas where alligators may be present and away from the water’s edge.

Photo: Getty Images

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