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VIDEO: Ghost Child Filmed On Australian Highway

A rather creepy piece of dash camera footage from Australia appears to show a small figure standing on a highway at night and some people think it could have been a ghost child.

The video was filmed by Mitch Kuhne on Sunday evening as he was driving along the freeway.

While driving around 60 MPH, he suddenly sped past what seemed to be a small child wearing a blue coat and standing in the left lane.

Kuhne was worried that he nearly missed hitting a child and decided to call the police to report the situation. About 45 minutes later, he followed up with the police and offered his dashcam footage to possibly help the case.

According to Kuhne, he was told that the child had been found and that authorities would not need the video.

However, when an Australian media outlet reached out to the police, they got a completely different story. Police informed them that they actually searched the area for 8 hours and found no sign of any child.

There were no reports of a missing person that matched the description of what the driver had seen, according to authorities.

Photo: Getty Images

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