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Angry Flag Football Coach Sucker Punches Parent During Game

A flag football coach in Michigan lost his temper and sucker-punched a parent in the middle of a game.

In the video, which took place during a youth flag football game in Niles, Michigan, the coach in blue is clearly upset over something in the game.

Another coach attempts to calm the hot-headed man down while guiding him off the field.

As they approach the sideline, the angry coach sucker punches a parent who was allegedly smirking at him. The parent drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Mayhem then ensues. Children can be heard crying while parents are yelling. One woman says, “that guy is a psychopath!”

In the background, the dad who was punched can be seen getting up, so it seems the punch didn't hurt him too badly.

It's unclear what happened to the coach or if the police got involved.

Photo: Getty Images

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