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If You See Square Waves In The Ocean, Get Out Of The Water Immediately

A word of caution, if you ever see square waves in the ocean, get out of the water immediately.

A natural phenomenon, known as square waves or cross sea, occurs when waves collide at different angles, creating a square pattern in the ocean.

Square waves can be fascinating to see, but they also pose a severe threat to surfers, swimmers, or anyone else in the water.

Ocean waves typically break parallel to the shore. However, these waves meet at different angles caused by two separate weather systems interacting.

As a result, powerful riptides form that people and even ships have difficulty escaping.

Square waves usually don't last too long, typically becoming calm and leaving the water safe to enter after a few moments.

According to reports, square waves can occur in any part of the ocean, provided the conditions are right. However, most are spotted in France and New Zealand.

Photo: Canva Pro

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