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IHOP Employee Mortified After Accidentally Turning Away Adam Sandler

An IHOP employee told a customer it would be a long wait for food, at which point he left. Later, she realized it was the one, the only, Adam Sandler!

In the video, posted to TikTok, Dayanna Rodas can be seen looking for any free tables. She then told Sandler, who's wearing a mask, it would be about a 30-minute wait.

Some celebrities would use their fame to get preferential treatment. However, Sandler didn't fuss and politely left the restaurant.

Rodas later realized she turned away the Sandman and posted the video to social media. The video has been viewed 7.3 million times and many are praising the Happy Gilmore star.

"At least he didn’t use his fame to rush anything, he left like a normal person would," one user wrote.

"The fact he could have said… I’m Adam Sandler and didn’t is amazing, most celebrities would use their status to get them places." said another.

Let this be a lesson to all... the next time the wait is a bit longer than expected, be like the Sandman!

Photo: Getty Images

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