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Florida Black Bear Rips Porch Screen, Takes Dip In Woman's Pool

As Florida begins to warm up, even the wildlife is looking to cool off from the heat.

A Naples woman calls a black bear her 'pet' after the animal has returned several times to visit her private pool.

Karen Bockrath, a retired nurse, first noticed her backyard screendoor was ripped about a month ago.

Shortly after that, Bockrath caught a good-sized black bear, that she believes is about 7-years-old, lounging on her lanai. According to her, the bear has returned several times since, relaxing in the shallow end of the pool.

“At least he’s kind enough to use the same door he made in my screen for each visit,” Bockrath joked.

Oddly enough, Bockrath hasn't yet called animal control.

“I love watching wildlife,” she said. “I’m really afraid they would euthanize him. The mom is still around. I live in an area that hasn’t been completely built up, lots of wooded area, lots of bears, among other wild animals. My kids say I live in a zoo.”

Photo: Canva Pro

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