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Woman Confronts ‘Creep’ Who Took Photo Of Her Butt While Working Out

A woman is being praised on TikTok after she confronted a man who secretly took a photo of her butt while she was working out at Planet Fitness.

Janelle Rodriguez shared the series of videos to her TikTok account on April 18. In the videos (below), she confronts the man over the allegation and eventually demands he deletes the image in front of her.

In the first video, Rodriguez questions the man and is "trying to get to the bottom of it." The man claims, “I don’t do that.”

Eventually, the man agrees to show Rodriguez the last photo he took. He shows his phone to her and she noticed a close-up picture of her butt in the camera roll.

“The last picture. I see it right there, so you’re lying,” she says before demanding he deletes it.

The man tries to leave the gym but Rodriguez follows and continues to yell.

“No, delete it right now! How dare you?” she screams. The man repeatedly tells her to "relax."

According to a recent video, Rodriguez claims the man's gym membership was revoked.

WARNING: Videos Contain Bad Language

Photo: Canva Pro

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