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Guide Spooks Away Grizzly Bear That Gets Way Too Close

While leading a group, one tour guide had to deter a grizzly bear with nothing but his voice and body.

The group was watching a sow and her cubs in Alaska's wilderness when an adult grizzly bear approached from behind.

Typically, the guide would have bear spray on hand. However, the guide loaned his spray to an apprentice who had it in his coat pocket.

The guide made do with the two best bear deterrents available at the time, his voice and body.

At first, the guide remained calm, allowing the curious bear to explore from a distance. However, as the bear continued to get uncomfortably close, he sprang into action.

"No closer," he said before letting out a loud roar. The bear immediately moved back from the group.

The guide continued roaring and telling the bear to "get on out of here" until it went away.

Photo: Getty Images

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