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Guy Gets Bashed In Head With A Bottle Of Wine By Cashier At Corner Store

In a video making the rounds on social, one guy took a wine bottle to the head like an absolute champ.

In the video posted on Twitter, an individual got into an altercation with a cashier at a corner store, and things escalated quickly.

The short video starts with the man punching the glass, which is separating him from the cashier.

At first, it looks like the cashier is running away from the situation. In reality, the store employee was grabbing a nearby wine bottle to use as a weapon.

The man appears to be heading for the exit when the cashier emerges from behind the counter with the bottle in hand.

Within seconds, the cashier slams the bottle over the man's head... not once but twice, shattering the bottle on the second blow.

Somehow, that guy was able to handle both headshots, remaining on his feet the entire time.

Photo: Getty Images

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