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Preakness Toilet Run, A Lost Tradition

Back in the day, running across the tops of portable toilets at Pimlico during the Preakness was an interesting tradition, and possibly the most dangerous pastime in sports.

Volunteers from the infield crowd would take turns racing across the tops of port-a-potties.

By 2008, the difficulty increased after the crowd started hurling beer cans at the runner. One runner took a full beer can to the head, knocking him completely off his feet and into a wired fence.

WARNING: video contains profanity

Organizers tried to kill the tradition by rearranging how the port-a-potties were arranged and not allowing fans to bring in their own drinks.

However, people were still willing to do stupid stuff in from of a crowd.

Here's a great example... this lady totally overestimated her abilities.

Photo: Canva Pro

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