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Large Dog Lifted From The Ground By A Whirlwind

A home security camera captured jaw-dropping video after a large dog was lifted off the ground on a windy day.

Duke is your typical dog. He loves the outdoors, playing fetch, and taking rides in the car. Recently, however, Duke took a different type of ride.

While playing outside with his brothers and sisters at their Virginia home, some extremely windy weather started coming through the area.

Duke’s mom, Brittany Wampler, was at work when the incident occurred but she heard about it from her kids.

“Duke went for a ride in a tornado,” they said. Wampler thought her kids were joking until she watched the video.

A nearby neighbor's security camera filmed the moment a strong whirl of wind, also known as a dust devil, picked the 70-pound dog off the ground and spun him around.

Luckily, Duke wasn't harmed, just a little shaken up.

Photo: Canva Pro

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