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Massive 'Mystery Creature' Remains Found On Floor Of Mediterranean Sea

Video from an underwater exploratory vehicle captured the remains of a mysterious sea creature that has yet to be identified.

The video, filmed by an unnamed oil and gas industry worker back in 2017, was given to paranormal researcher Deborah Hatswell who posted it to YouTube.

According to reports, the remote-operated vehicle was conducting an investigation of the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of approximately 2,700 feet.

During the survey, the submarine came upon the remains, which measure around 98-feet long.

The submarine operator attempted to use the remote-controlled claw to grab a piece of the skeleton, but it quickly disintegrated into dust.

Some believe the remains belong to a whale. However, Hartswell disagrees with that theory.

"This video was taken by professionals who work underwater in oceans all across the globe," she said, "they know whale bones and come across them from time to time."

Hartswell explains that the spine of a whale has three blades that are spaced 120 degrees apart, where this creature has only two.

"The dimensions of the skeleton on the video does not fit with the usual size for any sea life in the area," she said.

Photo: Getty Images

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