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Baseball Fan Brutally Tackles Field Runner Who Is Trying To Escape Security

A fan brutally tackled a man who was trying to escape security guards after he ran on the field during a recent baseball game.

The video starts with the runner jumping from the field into the stands. Within seconds, another fan took matters into his own hands and dished out an NFL-style hit.

The hit was so hard, the nearby fans and the person filming were shocked.

The security guards, who weren't too far behind, picked up the field runner and escorted him away. The video ends with the fans cheering and clapping.

Some are praising the blonde-haired hero while others feel he was out of line.

"Props. You get the opportunity to absolutely level somebody with no punishment, you take it," said one user on Twitter.

Another said, "You tackled a kid running onto a field?? Does he feel like he just took down some criminal?"

WARNING: Video Contains Bad Language

Photo: Getty Images

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