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Video Shows Teen Set Woman's Hair On Fire On San Francisco Bus

A teenager was caught on video casually setting fire to a woman's hair on a San Francisco bus.

In the video, the teen, who is wearing all red, calmly walks over and sits behind a woman facing forward.

Within seconds of sitting down, the teen pulls out a lighter and can be seen holding it to the back of the woman's hair for several seconds. At one point, the suspect even takes it away to see if it's working correctly.

According to reports, the woman's hair was "set on fire," and other passengers on the bus helped her. The teen and two of his friends fled the scene, police said.

The victim also left before police arrived, so it's unclear how bad her injuries were.

Many viewers were upset the suspect's face was blurred in the video, making it almost impossible to identify him.

“You want us to help you yet blur out the thug’s face!” one person wrote on Twitter. “The attacker would probably have been caught by now if his face had been shown before now!”

According to police spokesperson Adam Lobsinger, they are focusing on finding the victim to get a witness statement to build a case.

“Without the victim, when we catch the suspects, it’s harder to do anything,” Lobsinger said.

Photo: Getty Images

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