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Yellow Jacket Nest Completely Takes Over Chevy Malibu

Wasp Portrait

Photo: 500px Plus

A Louisiana beekeeper might have filmed the largest wasp nest ever caught on video.

In the video, an older Chevy Malibu is completely infested with Southern Yellow Jackets, which are a paper wasp.

The interior looks to be covered in papier-mâché while the wasps can be seen flying around.

According to reports, the vehicle contained enough Yellow Jackets to kill someone.

The beekeeper decided to break up the footage into three segments. In the first clip, he provides a view from inside the car without provoking the wasps.

In the second clip, the beekeeper pokes the nest with a long pole to film the reaction from the wasps.

A mannequin head is placed near the driver-side window to highlight their tendency to swarm when provoked.

Finally, the last video shows the beekeeper having a little fun, sitting inside the vehicle while wearing his gear.

"Can I catch a ride," the cameraman says.

"Yeah, hop in the back," the beekeeper replies.

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