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Grown Man Wearing Baseball Glove Throws Hissy Fit Over Foul Ball

New Baseball along foul line

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In your opinion, what is the age cut-off for bringing a glove to a baseball game?

Some would say by the time you get into high school, while others would argue there is no age limit.

Think about it as you watch this adult Brewers fan, who is wearing his first baseman's glove, throw a full-out hissy fit over not getting a foul ball during a recent Reds game. It could be the saddest yet most hilarious thing you will ever see.

In the video, the Brewers fan can be seen chasing down the stray ball as it bounces around the stands. A Reds fan enters the scene and manages to get his hands on the ball before the older gentleman.

The man in blue doesn't handle the situation well. He can be seen yelling at the Reds fan for several seconds.

The awkward situation worsens towards the end of the video when a kid approaches and offers up his foul ball, which the older Brewers fan shockingly accepts.

The video ends with the older man, once again, starting to yell at the Reds fan, who doesn't seem to care.

Now here's the best part...

On Wednesday, during a packed Padres game, a woman holding a baby was able to snatch a foul ball bare-handed.

The older Brewers fan had plenty of time to secure the ball in his baseball glove but couldn't get the job done.

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