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Carjackers Pull Off Incredibly Sneaky Car Theft Right Under Victim's Nose

Hand refilling the car with fuel, close-up, Pumping equipment gas at gas station.

Photo: Moment RF

A group of car thieves carried out possibly the smoothest carjacking in history, and the whole incident was caught on camera.

The New Orleans Police Department shared the CCTV footage (below) from the gas station that shows how the sneaky car theft happened.

In the video, a man can be seen pumping gas into his Honda Accord, which had been left running.

A man exits the passenger side of a nearby Lexus and walks toward the victim. It's unclear if they had a conversation.

Suddenly, another man exits the Lexus, sneaks over to the Honda unseen, and hops inside the car. He closes the driver's side door and immediately drives off.

Meanwhile, the victim remains standing at the gas pump and watches his vehicle drive away.

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