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Giant Green Anaconda Devours Capybara, Swallows It Whole

Anaconda Headshot on the Laguna Grande, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve Sucumbios Ecuador

Photo: iStockphoto

The green anaconda is known as the heaviest snake in the world, reaching up to 25-feet long, and can weigh over 300 pounds.

In the video, a group of capybara are near a flooded plain in South America feeding on aquatic plants. The giant snake spots the large rodents and slowly moves closer.

The anaconda swims underwater to prevent being seen, poking its head up long enough to gauge the distance.

Suddenly, the massive snake attacks the capybara, latching on with six rows of teeth. The capybara has no escape.

The anaconda strangles the capybara until its heart stops beating. At this point, the snake begins to eat the prey whole, toes and all.

The huge meal will take weeks to digest fully, and the snake will rest.

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