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Doorbell Camera Catches Salesman Kicking Cat Off Person's Porch

Black Cat and Ring Doorbell

Photo: Canva Pro

A Ring doorbell camera caught the moment a pest control salesman kicked a black cat off of a porch, sparking outrage on social media.

According to reports, the incident happened on May 25 in a Las Vegas neighborhood.

In the video, a man walks up to the doorstep, seemingly looks around to see if anyone is watching, and kicks the feline into the air as it was drinking water.

Initially, the video was posted on the Ring’s Neighbors app, which allows neighbors to share activity in their area.

According to the homeowner, the salesman who kicked his wife's cat was a representative with Williams Pest Control. He has been working with the company for three weeks to “right this wrong with no progress.”

The pest control company addressed the incident, and rumors surrounding it, with a statement on Facebook.

“We know this young man is devastated and know he has done everything Mr. Aguilar has asked him to do over the last 3 weeks,” the company said. “The young man is not my son or an employee of the company but is spending time with me as I’m helping him get back on his feet… We appreciate your understanding and ask for prayers as we get through this very difficult time.”

Even though the company limited comments on the post, it was met with criticism online as well.

“The young man is devastated?! About being filmed, you mean, because that means there is evidence of what he did,” one user said. “And prayers for whom?! Shouldn’t that be prayers for the cat?”

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