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Little Leaguer Throws Punch At Catcher, Gets Ejected

USA, California, Ladera Ranch, boys (10-11) playing baseball

Photo: Tetra images RF

A youth baseball player was ejected from a game after throwing a punch at the opposing catcher.

The video starts with a batter making his way to first base before being thrown out. The runner on third attempts to steal home plate but the first baseman was ready.

The player was thrown out and that's where things go awry.

Instead of sliding into home plate, the runner tried to bulldoze the catcher. However, the catcher held his ground.

Excited about the double play, the catcher yelled out, antagonizing the runner.

The runner retaliated by throwing a quick punch right at the catcher's kisser.

The empire at home plate immediately separated the two and ejected the puncher from the game.

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