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Woman Claims to Have Fallen in Love with Alien that Abducted Her

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A British woman is claiming she has fallen in love with an alien from the Andromeda galaxy after the ET had abducted her.

According to reports, Abbie Bela's out-of-this-world romance started when she posted online about her lackluster love life, particularly her problems with "men from Earth." She joked that she would have better luck dating an alien.

Shortly after, she began having recurring dreams of a white light and one magical evening wherein she believes that she met her soulmate from outer space.

According to Bela, she was instructed by a voice in her dream to "wait in the usual spot" the following night. She waited by her window when "a flying saucer appeared outside."

A green beam quickly transported Bela onto the craft. While on the UFO, she encountered five extraterrestrials who were "very tall and slender," yet also appeared somewhat human.

Bela immediately felt strong feelings for one particular alien and the emotion was mutual.

Their connection was so strong, Bela was offered the chance to remain on the spaceship. However, she was fearful of being forced to leave Earth forever and declined the offer.

Sadly, that was the last time Bela has seen her interstellar lover but hasn't given up hope that they will meet again. She keeps an overnight bag packed in the rare chance he comes back.

"I hope he comes back. I am willing to visit the Andromeda galaxy," she said.

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